Drink Up Buttercup Record Release @ Piano's review

Explosive and Strong like duct tape!

Drink Up Buttercup Record Release @ Piano's

Drink Up Buttercup's record release show set at Piano's was strong, flexible, and explosive. The effect is long-lasting, much like the pink duct tape used last night to coordinate their makeshift setup. Duct tape on the run.
Drink Up Buttercup has muscle and flexes it with experimentation creating an urgency of sound. The guitars were amped up, the bass notes held down to contort and extend beyond recognition, and James Harvey proved that his thoracic diaphragm can scream, do opera and harmonize simultaneously.
The rain didn't put a damper on the enthusiastic crowd who waited till 12:00 for the lively set.
How they sustain this energy for all eleven dates at SXSW will be a testament to a band that could. I'm sure they will prove their might. I wish them well!
The official release date for Born And Thrown On A Hook on Yep Rock Records is March 23rd, but you can pre-order here and get two bonus tracks.
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Drink Up Buttercup Record Release @ Piano's

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