Faren and the French Fries! New Video

Hello, Hello, I know you’re there.. Well, I just need to talk....... OMG, this video is so cute, and the song Answering Machine by the pop duo Faren and the French Fries is sooooo catchy!

The Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA) art colony class has created a POPTASTIC video production (as described on CMA’s blog). Watch for the credits with the featured kids and a listing of the production team of teaching artists along with Faren and the French Fries's song “Hey You.”

CMA's new headquarters will be a 10,000-square-foot former loading dock in Hudson Square at 103 Charlton St. The grand opening is set for Oct. 1.

Oh, to be a kid again. I wish!!


Ava Luna @ the Clocktower Gallery

Ava Luna played a show at the Clock Tower as part of the Above the Law Series curated by Joe Ahearn. One flight up from the 13th floor and adjacent to the roof, the audience squeezed in close for an intimate experience. 

This is a great band, and the acoustics in the space only enhanced their sound. We were all lucky enough to hear almost a complete album of gems performed for the first time, creating an immediacy and edge.

Dynamic acoustics, crazy awesome harmonies, soul strutting, and hard-hitting music structure were made for a listener who enjoys being challenged. Ava Luna combines many music genres, creating a jumbled juxtaposition of dynamic excitement. 


Style Meets Substance; A Poets Guide To The Bars

Style counts today, even in the world of poetry. The latest reprint of Kenneth Sonny Donato’s “A Poet's Guide To The Bars” has hit the shelves, bringing poetry up front and out of the backroom's dusted stacks of treasured finds.

Pax Americana Productions, LLC has curated Sonny’s poetry into a visually graphic format where text, imagery, editing, and layout meet to house his retrospective of legendary LA bars in which dreams are one shot away. For online promotion, they have created a must-see book trailer. (below)

Kenneth Sonny Donato reads and shares stories alongside his friend Harry Dean Stanton, to whom the book is dedicated @ Book Soup on Wed. Aug. 3, 7pm.


Geo Wyeth's, One Man Exceptional Band @ Joe's Pub

Geo Wyeth’s masterful skill and intentional hesitation created an edge of uncertainty and unpredictability at his solo show at Joe’s Pub last night. Although the set was clearly planned, it felt like a conceptual foray into musical chance operation.

Geo opened with the set, creating a disorderly clutter of drum beats with a strapped-together Tom Tom. He paced through the crowd, leading his parade to join the guest saxophone player on stage. He played the baby grand with unbridled force and exuberance throughout the set. Geo sang with conviction but created a vocal stutter, suspending his vocals in mid-air. While playing a handheld Casio, he sang phrases gathered from field studies of New York conversations.  When he picked up the acoustic guitar, I didn’t expect it to be beaten with a drumstick.

Whether he played the electric guitar, keyboard, baby grand, or drums, each instrument provided an opportunity for self-expression and undeniable experimentation.


Introducing Faren and the French Fries

What a great way to start the new year with a bang and the song AK-47 from Faren and the French Fries.