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The Accident That Led Me To The World @ Rockwood Music Hall

The Accident That Led Me to the World is an all-acoustic chamber modern folk band that stays true to their music, unwavering in their formal presentation at the Rockwood Music Hall. What a treat. It had the feel of music that was planned, rehearsed, and arranged to perfection. As flawless as each note sounded, the emotional quality of the singing created a dynamic urgency.

Their intimate set quietly expressed the subtle tonality of the nylon guitar, clarinet, banjo, and stand-up bass. The power punch came in the way of harmonies to die for!

Mandeville's guitar /banjo and lead vocalist has such a distinct voice. It's raspy without sounding hoarse and exudes conviction. He was joined by Raianne Richards's guitar/clarinet, who added mirroring vocal harmonies, and Zack Ciras with the most perfectly edited bass accompaniment.
This wasn't your finger-picking fare but more like a dialogue of chords and notes between the guitars.

I've been following their music and always looking out for NY dates. The band is from Webster/Dudley, MA, and plays more of the New England circuit of festivals, venues, and house shows, where the booking scene is curated and more friendly. Unfortunately, in NY and most venues, it is in and out and onto the next group.
I was so pleased to get my hands on their
2008 release Island Gospel and was blown away by the beauty and quality of the recording. No shakers, or bells and whistles, just straightforward instrumentation, great storytelling, and awesome harmonies.

The Accident That Led Me To The World is a solid outfit whose mere presence defies the fickle taste and fast-paced music buzz agenda of the latest thing and rises to a higher level.

That said, it is unfortunate that a band of this caliber has not garnered more recognition that should change!