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Langhorne Slim @ Brooklyn Bowl

It has been a joy following and writing about Langhorne Slim for the last four years. The band has always been able to stir a crowd with its infectious music and Slim’s charismatic showmanship. So what’s been changing? There is a different feeling in the air. People are finding out about the group from various sources and coming out to see for themselves. The power of exposure. But music, generally, can’t be supported by a simple download. It is when a fan makes a commitment to see a band live.
One such patron was upfront with her camera, ready to hear the song that brought her to the show. She was visibly overwhelmed with the power of the live show. Although unfamiliar with most of the set chronicling their discography, she will ultimately be a true supporter of the band and its output.

At the Brooklyn Bowl, the popularity of the group was apparent. Slim did not have to win the crowd over they were already there hanging on every word, dancing and singing along. Even with an adoring crowd, the band does not take anything for granted they bring it on more. All the roadworthy experience has catapulted this group into another category. The momentum is building, and for Langhorne Slim, stardom is right around the corner, and they are ready.


Crackerfarm Works His Magic On Langhorne Slim Video

Langhorne Slim @ Bell House

works his magic, quietly capturing all the grit and insane energy of Langhorne Slim live, creating a montage video of spliced-together shots of the band playing the song "Cinderella" at different venues.
I got a cameo dancing and received a lovely kiss from the stage at The Bell House @ 1:39 Vimeo time. “Cinderella” flirts with the listener, offering a soulful wink with the help of honkey tonk swing and an enthusiastic boy chorus. OCM 11/ 09
Crackerfarm's YouTube Channel


Langhorne Slim; Stomping @ City Winery live review

Langhorne Slim @ City Winery

Langhorne Slim filled the beautiful City Winery with a soul-fiery epic performance. They made the 21,000-square-foot space feel intimate, crazy, and spontaneous. When it was over, I was drenched and satisfied in Langhorne Love.

City Winery is rustic chic, and spacious, with tables and patrons ready for music, dinner, and drinks. I Franky didn't know what to expect. I have seen Langhorne Slim so many times but rarely at a seated venue.

Langhorne managed to excite all the sitters and somehow got everyone to stand, clap and dance. At one point, he hopped out deep through the seats leaving the mic and band on stage. Still, there was no dead air, the audience just filled right in. He welcomed people up to dance and generally orchestrated a two-hour-long set.

They selected a broad range of songs and mixed everything up between acoustic, solo, and full band crowd pleasers like "Cinderella," "I Love to Dance," "In the Midnight," and "Mary." It was beautifully timed and selected but totally at the moment.

Langhorne naturally gives his fans and any audience his complete and undivided attention, and the awesome band Malachi Delorenzo (drums), David Moore (banjo/keyboard), and Jeff Ratner (bass) kept up with his every move, and that ain't easy!
Flickr Set documents the many facets of the set!


Langhorne Slim Bell House live review

Langhorne Slim @ Bell House

Langhorne Slim worked up the hometown crowd @ Bell House in Brooklyn. They hung on every word, yelp, utterance, and soulful vocal. The songs from Be Set Free sounded so fresh. The new band lineup spiced up songs with additional keyboard, banjo, and saxophone. They set the house on fire with “Cinderella” and “For a Little While” and brushed us with a warm breeze with slower songs.

The ballads were amazing, and it was so nice when Slim was alone on stage, and the audience was with him all the way. This is not an intimate venue, so it was striking that he could have a conversation between songs.

Slim thanked the audience, who gave it back in spades. It is rare to see love and music working their magic. Langhorne Slim has a relationship with his audience, and it’s a good one.

Flickr Set Bell House

Be Set Free, Langhorne Slim review

Langhore Slim's Be Set Free has broken the glass ceiling reaching beyond the novelty beloved by fans to a wider audience. This is one side of Langhorne Slim. It is the studio side. Langhorne Slim is an incredibly raw live band. Be Set Free, produced by Chris Funk (The Decemberists) changes it up, adding variety with new instrumental treatments. I would call it Langhorne Slim smooth but not lite.

Slim's songwriting and vocals are so versatile that they cross various genres. Be Set Free combines soul, folk, and symphonic rock with heart-stopping vocals that reach for the rafters. A cast of talented contributors plays a slew of instruments, piano, organ, brass, and strings.

The songs are simple and basic, like a conversation spiced with little truisms. It is Slim's vocal delivery that adds emphasis to broadening interpretation. There are many great catchy melodies, raucous Honky Tonk, and heart-tugging solid ballads.

Starting with the upbeat opener, “Back to the Wild,” with its smooth strumming, a flurry of strings, and steady shuffle percussion. Followed by “Say Yes,” an optimistic take on love and possibilities.

“Be Set Free” is a ballad of significance with jewel-like slide guitar and expressive piano. The soft shaker is the heartbeat for “I Love You But Goodbye,” blending gorgeous cascading piano with Slim’s fervent vocals. Starting as a mild tempo and escalating to a full soulful throttle of impassioned intonation, “For a Little While” blends timing contrasts. It peaks when Malachi DeLorenzo's slow shuffle drumming evolves into a hardcore exuberance mixed with the exhilarating mayhem of mashed-up ingredients. “Cinderella” flirts with the listener, offering a soulful wink with the help of Honky Tonk swing and an enthusiastic boy chorus.

The sumptuous "Leaving My Love" uses symphonic swells interspersed with lovely vocal dialogue between Slim and Erica Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards) The chorus of / I can't believe it / I'm leaving my love / intensifies like romantic longings. In the tradition of country confessionals, "So Glad I'm Coming Home" offers sincerity about going home in a sobered state and hoping to be welcomed back.

The album closes with "Boots Boy," an upbeat love affirmation, / I don't want just anybody / I want you / nobody but you /. Be Set Free is sweet and sultry and naturally uplifts the spirit, A high worth getting.


Langhorne Slim / Crackerfarm Films it Best

Can't wait for Be Set Free by Langhorne Slim, due September 29th on Kemado Records! Here's a great clip by Crackerfarm with a brief interview, some crazy live footage, and a sweet acoustic rendition of the song "So Glad That I'm Coming Home." For personal reasons, I especially love the handsome young man with the big white specs loving the live show.


Langhorne Slim "Say Yes"

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim's "Say Yes" was featured on KCRW's Top Tunes of the day. "Say Yes" is a song from the third Langhorne slim release called Be Set Free, produced by Decemberists' Chris Funk. Release date September 29th on Kemado Records.
Yes is the greatest word in the English Language, full of possibilities. In this song, Langhorne explores the anticipation within a love relationship by singing / I prefer it when you say yes /. This upbeat song brings it on strong when it slows down, and Langhorne bellows in a higher soulful range, singing / I could not believe its true /. The recorded version adds nice orchestrated touches of full strings, bells, guitar, stand-up bass, and drums.
Below is an awesome live black-and-white video entry. Kudos to the videographer.


Langhorne Slim Bringing Charisma to Lollapalooza / Newport / Philly

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles are ripe for festivals, big or small Lollapalooza, The Newport Folk Festival, and The Philadelphia Folk Festival. Slim's voice is soulful and passionate, and The War Eagles drummer Malachi DeLorenzo and new bassist Jeff Ratner back it up enthusiastically.

This magical three-piece can stir a crowd into bursts of energy and slow the tempo for heart-driven ballads. Although Slim is mild-mannered off-stage, his charisma on stage is larger than life. This ain’t about ego but a transference from artist to audience. This willingness to share and connect is special and should be experienced. I speak from the heart I’ve seen them at least nine times.
Catch just a taste of the magic that is Langhorne Slim. Below is a new song uploaded by Breakfast On Tour from the Wakarusa Music Festival earlier in June.

Check here for more US dates and to hear "I Love You, But Goodbye" from their third full-length release, Be Set Free, and the second released by Kemado Records, recorded in Oregon with producer Chris Funk (Decemberists). Release Date September 29t!


Novice Theory Getting UK Love

Novice Theory accordian center stage

I met Geo Wyeth (Novice Theory) at a party and was impressed by his intelligence and articulate description of his music that I made it a point to go to the Trash Bar in Brooklyn to see him. I was overwhelmed and moved and wrote a review entitled "Novice Theory Extraordinary Emerging Talent." I believe that was his first review. A few months later, he did a headlining sold-out show at Joe’s Pub, and I wrote this review, "Novice Theory, The Magic of Delivery." Here in the states, we don’t have DJs on the radio with their fingers on the pulse of the music. We have barometers of taste at Public Radio, emerging Internet sites like Daytrotter, and many dedicated Bloggers giving great music exposure regardless of label status. No nationally televised outlets like Later With Jools Holland are devoted to creating a well-produced segment for the newcomer. I’ll never forget Willy Mason's debut. And now, this incredible debut of Novice Theory. All the musicians I have featured have been very well-received in the UK. The most ravenous example is Willy Mason. Langhorne Slim and o’death have been well received as well. I am grateful to those fans and say thank you.

At Obsession Collection Music, we have written about many under-the-radar artists. What has been satisfying is witnessing their exposure spread around. Novice Theory’s talent is ready for exposure. Here are a few of Obsession Collection Music's most recent UK connections. Drink Up Buttercup 7" Single coming 11.10.08 on Make Mine. Another cool connection is Peasant, whose song “Raise Today” was featured in the TV show “Bones" (premier UK episode). I'm proud of this association with UK native Alex Newport, engineer extraordinaire. read.


Langhorne Slim Daytrotter encore

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim’s awesome encore session is up on Daytrotter and is a sweet free download. Featured are three from the new self-titled release and two unreleased songs. So enjoy and get a feel of the live sound. Missing are the visuals of Slim's performance style, which is full of charismatic swagger, guitar straddling, and facial mannerisms. His fastidious attention to showmanship is also seen in his dapper attire, but this down-home session between tour stops is described in all its sweaty grimy glory. Read the free-flowing word impressions of the session by Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller entitled: “Sweat That They Have Is Sweat That They Give, All Along The Way” Daytrotter download page

"Colette," "Diamonds and Gold," "Nobody But You," "Rebel Side of Heaven," "We Love The Animal


Langhorne Slim and The Felice Brothers @ McCarren Pool

Langhorne Slim
The Rain was not going to deter me from seeing Langhorne Slim. Did some quick thinking and brought some garbage bags from the Brooklyn renovation
site I was working at earlier in the day. Deertick canceled due to a flight delay, still have yet to see them live but a must-do! The expansive sound of Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles (Malachi DeLorenzo drums and Paul Defiglia Stand-up bass) in an outdoor space were welcome. Relentless touring has amplified Langhorne’s robust voice. His ease and charming manner are felt immediately. Rather than drenched in rain, I was soaked with affection. The soulful grip of his passionate timbre dripped over the wet receptive crowd. They performed an awesome two-for-one combo of “Mary” with “Cut It Down,” a hidden live track on Electric Love letter EP. Also playing “Restless,” “Hello Sunshine,” the great raucous “Set Em Up,” Hummingbird,” and “Diamonds and Gold” from their self-titled release, and the infectious unreleased “We Love the Animals.” "Hummingbird" was a highlight. Unaccompanied, Langhorne was not alone, he had everyone’s attention. Ending the set with “Diamonds and Gold,” the crowd smiled and swayed as the hazy sun peeked through the clouds that felt like a rainbow. Langhorne can charm, and the War Eagles can jump-start any crowd with their tight-quality performance.
Simone Felice Drum Antics
I enjoyed The Felice Brothers opening for Bright Eyes at the big expansive Radio City Music Hall, but they are even more engaging close-up. Their homegrown street theater style is much rougher around the edges. I like the communal staging and switching of focus between all the players, including the theatrical antics of drummer Simone Felice. James Felice on accordion is a big presence not to be forgotten. Starting with “Roll on Arte,” Ian Felice’s rough and earthy voice was a gritty delight. “Whiskey in my Whiskey” and “Radio Song” was the warm-up! Craig Farley, fiddle and washboard player, adds jug-band gusto to the mix. Sadly I had to leave early, believe me, this was a necessity, but I can’t get the songs out of my head.


Langhorne Slim Sold Out Send Off @ The Mercury Lounge

Belated Review: Home at 2:45 up at 6:00 for work. Worth It!

In my other life, I am perpetually late, but not when it comes to going to see live music. So Wednesday night, sitting at the Pink Pony listening to the Clash on the jukebox and savoring my last taste of creme brulee, I was finished stalling. So I ventured around the corner to the Mercury Lounge for Langhorne Slim’s sold-out show. Defiantly t
oo early!

One benefit, I watched the arrival of a slew of important people on a guest list to see the band J. Roddy Watson and the Business. All saying, “I’m on the List.” The back room was filled with about thirty people. The young man on the piano, with his support players on guitar, bass, and drums, was about to give the show of a lifetime, regardless of the statuesque audience. I’ve been to only one other “tryout,” and they are a bit awkward.

J. Roddy, with curly long locks, has a great voice and magnetic delivery of southern rip-roaring rock and roll. I’ve never seen anyone literally hump a piano. I wasn’t sure if the piano stool would slip under him or if the piano would slide across the stage from all the pounding and movement. Leon
Russell on meth comes to mind! It was uproariously loud and resurrected the sound of classic rockn’ roll in the highest order. Dated, who cares. Oh soo good!
WOXY Session

                                                            Hoots and Hellmouth

I was there to socialize and see Langhorne Slim but decided to make a commitment to see
Hoots and Hellmouth’s very enjoyable set. The trio of Sean (guitar), Andrew (Mandolin), and Rob (guitar) with the addition of stand-up bass and Bob Beach, a fierce harmonica player.

The set up of two wooden platforms in lieu of percussion offered a muffled stomp beat that worked nicely with the acoustic instruments. Authenticity abounds. Their instruments resonated while the gospelesque roots rock, soulful vocals, and rich harmonies rose to create a surround-sound effect. Hoots and Hellmouth's unpredictable styling provide a marvelous listening juxtaposition with acoustics that are both soft and furious. And when they come on strong, their flowing hair head-bangs to the rhythm, building a joyful experience to watch and hear!

Flickr Set

Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles

The lounge was packed for Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles with friends, fans, and those that helped along the way. The long-awaited release had finally arrived. We were all there, including five pals from Bermuda who flew in for the night to wish them well on their first headlining tour across the US.

The set began with Langhorne saying, “I promised myself I wouldn't cry.” This show was a tender affair with guitar tuning incidents and some sweet slim banter. The crowd ate it up and smiled, sweated, danced, sang along, clapped, and stomped to the love fest sendoff.

They worked the crowd up and slowed things down. When Langhorne sang Hummingbird unaccompanied, the crowd enjoyed silence with each heartfelt word. “We Love The Animals” was quite a rollicking affair. I had only heard the acoustic version recently uploaded by Crackerfarm on YouTube. The long set left the audience in a sweaty, smiling frenzy and slim invited some of the audience to join them on stage for a grand finale.

As the War Eagles left the stage, the last song of the night, “Rebel Side of Heaven,” was a bait and switch that worked its magic on the crowd, and was delivered with Slim, guitar in hand, and no mic. During the instrumental, he shyly smiled and said, “here’s my solo, guys.” And then, without the usual soulful swagger, he wittily and sweetly sang the closing line. / We ain’t going to hell / well we’re going to the rebel side of heaven /.

And heaven it was, maybe Slim didn’t cry, but many had tears of joy, including me. A night to savor!

Flickr Set

Slim singing "Hummingbird" @ The Mercury Lounge

"Rebel Side of Heaven," directed by Crackerfarm
My review of Self Titled


Langhorne Slim; Self Titled, kick-ass good

Langhorne Slims Self Titled release on Kemado Records is what I need in my life. All thirteen tracks posses the soulful conduit that that goes to the heart and exhilarating energy that can jump-start the spirit. Times are tough and these finely written songs are a welcome reality.

Langhorne’s signature voice is sweet but on this recording the rough edges reek with soulful timber. It is no surprise that his inspirational music hero is Otis Redding.
Bringing this inspiration to fruition is Slims hard guitar pickn’, the duo The War Eagles Paul Defiglia on stand-up bass, Malichi DeLorenzo on drums, with guest player Sam Kassirer on Wurlitzer, piano and accordion. The tuba and trombone are bonus entries.

Combined, create a soulful hoedown, rollicking folk raucous, swaggerific bluesy folkabilly and fierce exhilarating mix. DeLorenzo’s drumming is kick-ass good, his acute timing accelerates to take you higher.
Creative treatments by the production efforts of Malachi Delorenzo and Sam Kassirer lend distinct detailing to the sound, like in the song “Sometimes” a distant sequence of noises descend and artful clapping ensues, or the choral ooh ooh's in “Hello Sunshine”. This band is tight and the added textures, sparkle.

The bowing of the stand-up bass is innovatively accented on the first track “Spinning Compass” and zydeco style accordion accompanies the sing-along conclusion. The wit and philosophical leanings kills in “Rebel Side Of Heaven” / though we have sinned / we ain’t going to hell / we’re going to the rebel side of heaven /. The tuba blows as bass accents, the trombones short repetitive styling, humming chord progression of the Wurlitzer, banging piano keys and vocals that relish the sentiment expressed with a giant wink.
“She’s Gone” starts with a cool cooing sound. Midway the clink and clank percussion breaks up the song and the soulful screaming, bluesy keys and incredible drumming bring on the great chorus / she’s gone / I’m staying / I’m nobody /. I need to come up for air and then comes Colette….

Colette, Shit this song rules. Slims voice is the best I’ve ever heard it. Slow and steady it slowly comes on. / All I wanted was a song and a close friend / we stepped into the light and took pictures of each other / some are in black and white / the others in color / . Then it steps up with a soulful exuberance / Here she comes! / Here she comes! / Here she comes! / with accordion right on queue. Expressing new love and the breathless moment of anticipation, wow even I want to see Colette.

The slow and soulful “Diamonds and Gold” is my new mantra. / You can have all the diamonds / you can have all the gold / but someday your still going to get old / you got to learn to get happy along the way /.
“Tipping Point” is rootsy folky and rollicking with fast paced zany rappin’, guitar pluckin’ hard-ass stand-up and amazing shuffle drumming. / I got so hung up / I said HI_DE _HO / the tipping point / the tipping point / WOWWW…. In keeping with folk styling “Oh Honey” is aligned with the best folk standards focusing on guitar, bass and vocals. / We must walk alone sometimes but oh honey / won’t you let me be / I just love it!

Ending slow and softly with “Hummingbird”. / I’ve been leaning on you without reason or truth / I’m leaving my demons / and the first one I’m leaving is you /. Well love can pull you through but sometimes you got to go it alone.

Yes I am a fan, but I also have ears that hear and a heart that still can be moved. I’m in love with this collection of songs, they make me happy along the way, and that is a basic necessity.

I've seen this group eight times live. Press labels and read more about the hardest working band around!!!!

View headlining tour dates on:
Langhorne Slim MySpace

Shot by Andrew David Watson freelance filmmaker


Langhorne Slim On Letterman

Happy News for Langhorne Slim! I'm crazy about this band!

The band Langhorne Slim is a rockin folk/blues/rock/outfit that has been wowing crowds across the US and Europe with their exuberant stage presence and rollicking sound. Stirring audiences to stomp, clap, dance, and sing along in a frenzy of glee.

Langhorne Slim has now found a home with the label Kemado Records and will unleash a self-titled full-length album with bonus tracks on April 29th, 2008. The recordings reflect the live rip-roaring high-spirited feel and acoustic gems that warm the heart.

For other articles about Langhorne Slim (press labels).


Obsession Collection: Noteworthy Music News and Dates

Langhorne Slim Has Found a Home!! Langhorne Slim has signed with Kemado Records. The much anticipated self-titled album their fans have been waiting for will be released on April 29th.

Visit their myspace page to listen
to two great new tracks.

"Rebel Side of Heaven" and "Diamonds and Gold"

Langhorne Slim myspace Page

Photo credit : the great Crackerfarm

Drink Up B
uttercup @ the Cake Shop 1/19/08 Saturday night. You know what I'll be doing!! If you can't catch them tomorrow, they are doing a residency at Piano's during February, on Tuesdays!
Philadelphia Weekly
Drink up Buttercup myspace

t AKA Damien Derose Coffee Shop Series: Starting on January 29th with a creative acoustic lineup at the Cake Shop: Chris Archibald of the band Illinois doing a
solo stint, Peasant, and Ben Thornewill of Jukebox the Ghost.
I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.

Peasant's myspace for a complete schedule.

Illinois myspace
Jukebox the Ghost myspace

Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned
 the new Release
The Thing About Time
Looking forward to seeing them again!!

Nice words from My Old Kentucky Blog

myspace site


Langhorne Slim - Phenomenal at Club Europa

Live Review - August 31, 2007
Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles headlined at Club Europa, playing what is referred to as a "proper" set on Friday night. They warmed the crowd at the packed venue then they stole their hearts. The love was palatable, and the lively commotion delirious. Tearing it up with high-energy hillbilly, rock, and folk flare, and playing songs like, "Honey Pie,” “And It's True", “In The Midnight", and “Hello Sunshine”. In between the lively stomping numbers Langhorne played solo acoustic ballads, revealing his tender heart.

The threesome of guitar and vocals (Langhorne), stand-up bass (Paul Defiglio), and drums (Malachi DeLorenzo) became a foursome with Sam Kassirer on a Rhodes piano. Kassirer rounded out the sound, and stylistically he was right on queue. What sets Langhorne Slim apart from other groups is their great musicianship and affable camaraderie. They are a brotherhood of soul, grit, hard work, and passion. They bring that ethic to every show.

Complimenting the raucous music is Slim’s phenomenal showmanship that stirred the crowd to enthusiastically stomp, shake, and smile. The last three songs were a bonus and part of an impromptu encore, that he started with a request to turn on the disco lights, which hung like artifacts from another era. The mood was established, and as the song progressed, members of the audience joined him on stage. Ending the set with the crowd pleaser “I love to Dance,” he said he should retire. The ravenous crowd was pleased he didn’t.

Langhorne Slims’ shows are always great, but headlining makes a difference. It is not too often that I see that kind of enthusiasm for music or have a night out that is so memorable.

Langhorne Slim Myspace


Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles at the Rock Star Bar

Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles tear it up unplugged at the Rock Star Bar. After performing “I Love To Dance,” technical sound difficulties ensued. Langhorne Slim, Malachi Delorenzo, and Paul Defiglia made a decision to unplug the defunct PA system and go ahead with the show. And so they did…

The supportive crowd quickly took their places on the stage platform and closely packed the surrounding areas. Being close to the band, the crowd assumed the responsibilities of a supporting cast of veteran “War Eagles.”

Together they did a fifteen-song set of old and new material, including encores that didn’t take much prompting. In the song “Checking Out,” the audience weighed in with / I’m going home, I’m coming home / that’s where I’m going / building momentum. During “Restless,” the crowd/ band did their best. Langhorne, as a band leader, reprimanded us like a loving parent. Smiling, he said, “You got to learn the song.”

Crammed together and in it together, Mr. Slim still found space for his convoluted antics. He strutted with his guitar in the confined space, made priceless facial expressions, and sang on a drum set to maximize his voice level. Malachi subdued his usual drumming intensity and picked it up only for effect. Paul lent support on bass, playing some fine solo interludes. With little room to breathe, they never missed a beat.

Tonight sealed my belief in this band’s ability to connect with an audience. They have heart, authenticity, talent, and a love for music performance that sets them apart from other bands. Whether they are opening for the Pogues at Irving Plaza or playing acoustically at the Rockstar Bar, Langhorne Slim knows how to deliver.

This curated night of music at the Rock Star Bar rarely happens in the music scene today. The night's mix of eclectic music styles created an atmosphere that celebrates the diversity of the genre. In between acts, music tracks set a mood with songs by Hank Williams III, Musical Youth, Mongo Joy, and a few awesome recordings of the one-man band Abner Jay.

The night started colorfully with a cover band that did a fine job channeling Janis Joplin. Janis appeared in the form of a man extravagantly dressed to replicate. This was the only band not part of the original lineup but was a fun opening.

Jazz duo Tyler Miller, vocalist, guitar player, and trumpeter Dan Blanketchip played jazz standards. We were treated to tunes like “Saint James Infirmary,” "Dinah," and "Honeysuckle Rose." They exchanged duties throughout the set. The trumpet playing was pristine, while Tyler played guitar with ease and dexterity. His vocals were perfect.

The mood switched gears as the stylish Honne Wells stepped onto the platform and slowly sat with the guitar in hand. He steps, picks, slides, whistles, and sings with a voice that has never seen the light of day. He brings reverence and humor, channeling a slice of Americana with a refreshing new twist.

The time was r
ight for the upbeat original folk styling of Hop Along Queen Ansleis. Her fans gravitated towards her as she began her set with “Spinach Water,” holding a small touring guitar. She glowed and emanated joy as her powerful voice reached a range of high octaves with ease and veracity. Her set was a mix of favorites from her 2005 debut, “Freshman Year,” and new tunes soon to be recorded. She sang an outstanding cover of Hank William's “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” It rang with originality and was so beautifully arranged I almost didn’t recognize it. She is a captivating performer ready for a wider audience.

The crowd wa
s unprepared for the Charm City Drug Band but thoroughly embraced their NY debut performance. This Baltimore collective assembled its instruments on-site. Finding anything that can be banged, rubbed, or hammered at the bar. The night’s set up was a plastic bin, metal piping, wooden dowels, a metal urn, and discarded refrigerated shelving propped up against the back wall of the platform. The improvisational clatter beat and surged organically, creating a beguiling sound. The audience was perked with interest. As the players went into overdrive, so did the PA.

The PA failure led to a delightful accident that propelled Langhorne Slim's impromptu acoustic session. The melding of great musicians was no accident. They were a sampling of one person’s eclectic and passionate taste and, in my opinion, a masterful night of music.

04 /19 / 07 Rock Star Bar lineup curated by: Marlon Ziello
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Hop Along Queen Ansleis
Honne Wells
Rock Star Bar 04 /19/ 2007
Click on picture for Album Link / pictures by Artifact.



LANGHORNE SLIM ["PRINCE" OF FOLK] Langhorne Slim delivers live. I Saw them at Rothko's in January, with a packed house. The group worked the crowd into a frenzy with just an acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, and drums. This group has heart, passion, and a love of performance that is refreshing and uplifting. I was watching the show with a drummer from a legendary hardcore punk band. At the close of the show he shook Langhorne's hand and said "after seeing this show I will follow you anywhere, man you're awesome." Their sound is a mixture of folk, hillbilly, scat, bluegrass with the sensibility of punk, especially with the strong percussion team of Paul Defiglia on bass and Malachi DeLorenzo on drums. Mr. Slim's high quivering voice can get very raw, bluesy, gritty, nasty, naughty at times and downright sweet, singing a love song with just a guitar. The other players sing and shout along as momemtum builds. Energy radiates from these three players and a kinetic force is created leaving the audience exhilarated. Langhorne has physical aspects to his playing that are very charismatic. His head turns from side to side while he pauses and stares to emphasize a word or phrase. He sways high and low with his guitar as he stomps and glides across the stage. Kind of like the artist "Prince" but folk style. There are so many mannerisms that are charming, quirky and great to observe. The other members ham it up as well. The banter during and in-between vocals is not to be missed and is never the same. It is guided by audience feedback, creating an interactive set. Langhorne Slim's full length CD When The Sun Goes Down (2005) lovingly unites the rousing songs with the beautiful love ballads. It is deserving of all the accolades it has received. The band has toured relentlessly in the last two years, featuring new material. They are in the process of recording a new LP. They have two shows in late August and two in September supporting the Violent Femmes, in New Jersey and Baltimore. For their fall tour they will support the Two Gallants , tour dates are listed on their myspace site. I hope you get a chance to experience this amazing group! When The Sun Goes Down LP 2005 Electric Love EP 2004