Sgt Dunbar Kickstarts Their Way To SXSW

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Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned have achieved their goal of raising funds necessary to fix their broken-down tour van and make it to their destination SXSW. Mission Accomplished with the help of Kickstarter, a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, and explorers. The tagline on their Myspace page has always read "Give More than You Take Away." So in keeping with that sentiment, they gave an awesome give-back to anyone who donated. The rewards ranged from a simple Sgt Dunbar mug, a donor's name on their van, a unique house show, or the band-supervised date with Donna Baird.

The fans gave back their heartfelt love to a very giving and talented band.
Go, Dunbar! Kill it at SXSW and enjoy the tour down and back. Like last year, I look forward to seeing the rad videos of your awesome Busking and official dates!


Vio Mire's Music Brings Beauty to the Pink Couch

Vio Mire brings warmth and astounding beauty to the dusty Pink Couch at If You Make It headquarters. I am proud that I was responsible for helping to make this happen. Dave Gawacke, Owner and Creator of IYMI fit Vio Mire and Liz Isenberg into his recording schedule. Their tour had one open slot, and Dave came through. To affect someone very strongly in a way that is difficult to forget Something about the haunting beauty of Vio Mire's Music really got under my skin. Watch it, and you will agree!

"Vio Mire's lush folk pop beckons attention and exposure. His tenor vocal range whispers, hushes, lulls, and then fully open to relay his written stories in song that hold deep resonance. They ebb and flow between cliff-hanging whispers and timing." OCM 2/10 read more Here.


Kickball the Band; Ready To Share

Kickball Garage Show

July 2007 Awesome Garage Show

Years ago, I saw the Portland band Kickball in a garage. I was so impressed and thought that a band this talented couldn't possibly be such a little-known secret. Soon after that show,  they took a long hiatus.
Their most recent album, Everything is a Miracle Nothing is a Miracle Everything Is, is now available via digital download Here. Do You want to feel good? This will do it!
Watch this recently released Amazing video of a live show they played at Grrrnd Zero in Lyon, France:

Lofty Music Performances In SOHO live review


Yo Yo a private loft performance space in SOHO, hosted a fabulous night of music and performance art, welcoming Omnivore, Liz Isenberg, Vio Mire, based in Providence, and Dan Fishkin from Pennsylvania / NYC. It was a night to be receptive to the unknown and the folksy delight of Liz Isenberg and the disarmingly beautiful music of Vio Mire.

When art and music coexist, the music becomes the vehicle for the art. Daniel Fishkin and Omnivore utilized that concept in very different and provocative ways.

Daniel Fishkin

Dan Fishkin, AKA Dandelion Fiction set up, was complicated for a solo set. Below his feet was a full lineup of connected circuitry and an assortment of instruments. The daxophone, a wooden instrument Daniel made wedged between his legs, created a string clank sound that he looped. His punked turrets train of thought vocals projected a veracity of nervous energy.

He started a song on a banjo with just a few notes, and a fellow band member got up and joined him in the middle of the space in an acoustic serenade singing through the skin of the banjo. Another song, something to the effect of "I Was Playing with Myself," started out alone, and scripted musicians rose from the audience with a trombone, violin, and guitar to sing the chorus.

His surprising antics are reminiscent of the late Andy Kaufman. He challenged the audience’s perceptions by being both aggressive and tender. The tension between the hysterical and the uncomfortable made the performance something to savor.

Omnivore, AKA Glenna Kay Van Nostrand, a tall, striking blond, set up a couple of princess phones wired on a round table. Casually sitting at her little table, she picked up her phones to talk/sing and loop. She often started with a few choice words and cascaded the conversation into the loop.

The old-fashioned phone, unlike the cell phone, is a private experience. So watching her created a tension that was both seductive and voyeuristic. Her sexy vocals lopped and filled the space creating a feeling of overhearing private thoughts in a public setting.

Below is a Video from a Beautiful site One Nite Music

Liz Isenberg

Liz Isenberg has a fan base, and that is obvious when she sings they spontaneously sing along with her choruses. She is a delightful mix of folk with an edge. Her gorgeous voice warbles softly and comes on strong for emphasis, and her guitar playing also mirrors that effect. Her quirky lyrics and personality shine
through her music, creating an appealing factor that can’t be denied. I loved her from the first note.

Something to note is her co-writing and added vocals on Deer Tick's latest release Flag Day "Friday the 13th," which was picked by Rolling Stone as his best track and featured their video duet on Rolling Stone's Smoking Section.

Vio Mire

Vio Mire, AKA Bendon Glasson, floored me. Where the fuck have I been? Vio Mire's lush folk pop beckons attention and exposure. His tenor vocal range whispers, hushes, lulls, and then fully open to relay his written stories in song that hold deep resonance. They ebb and flow between cliff-hanging whispers and timing. Brendon played the classical guitar while his touring mates on keys and bass did backup vocals. The guitar added warmth to the intimate acoustic set.

Unfortunately, only a few in the know have heard of him. Music so deeply beautiful is rare, I only wish I had found him sooner Both Liz Isenberg and Vio Mire will be playing SXSW party put on by Deer Tick.
A party of artists who are friends and friends who are artists and everyone in between
Time:12:00PM Friday, March 19th
Location: Threadgills South
Full US tour Dates Here:


The Art of Promotion Crackerfarm Style

This promotional video created by Crackerfarm, AKA Mike Beyer, for the Avett Brothers' slot at The Bonnaroo Festival is art in the form of promotion. The viewer enters the studio space of painter Scott Avett for a private viewing of his paintings. The paintings move magically forward for closer appreciation. With brush in hand, Scott glides above the floor from a paint bucket to a blank wall space He paints in time to the song "Kick Drum Heart" by the Avett Brothers, creating street-ready hype reading; The Avett Brothers Bonnaroo 2010.
Cyber graffiti looks phat through the artistry of Crackerfarm. Enjoy!

Crackerfarm Channel


Drink Up Buttercup Does It Right

Drink Up Buttercup

Drink Up Buttercup Does it Right when it comes to the promotion of their new album Born and Thrown On A Hook, One Awesome Click at a Time Especially interesting is their concept of releasing each song with one homemade video at a time. Filming at various locations with different setups, we get to hear each song live, raw, acoustic, or electric. Using a grid of picture links on Muxtape site, each shot is coordinated with a new video upload every Tuesday until the grand March 23rd release date. Each video is creative and friendly, much like the band. Without an outright commercial assault, the Drink Up Buttercup Aesthetic is true to form. Below: Video Five, "Even Think," filmed in their van!


The Charismatic VERO @ Rockwood Music Hall

Vero @ Rockwood Music Hall

Vero!! Pronunciation: Emphasize a long roll of the R and add Spanish flair. Formally Mahogany and now Vero! Only one name is fitting for this charismatic performer.

Vero, AKA Veronica Sanchez, is a singer-songwriter whose sultry voice is downright full of feeling. Switching between guitar and ukulele, Vero was backed by an acoustic band of folk/rock supports; Josh Miller’s gorgeous guitar leads, the attentive feisty drummer T, and Wilson Novitzki on bass.

Vero’s songwriting is like an urban Loretta Lynn with a lesbian twist, Spanish spice, and street rap. She delivers her heartfelt stories with passion and authenticity.

Especially effective was a reassuring song to her father about her lifestyle. When she sang the song “Kissed,” it was so sexy I was ready to switch sides. We were treated to an Argentinean folk cover that was emotional and powerful. Fuck English, she made her roots shine! I felt every nuance.

Vero @ Rockwood Music Hall

The set ended with an awesome spontaneous rap spar with an audience member. Plant maybe? But when she handed over the mic, they went at it. It was crazy fun and had a perfect ending. A Vero set is a bit of everything. What emerges is a confident performer with a striking physical presence and awesome tats, whose glowing personality is the vehicle of her music.

Chosen word of the night was obsessed! Her fans and friends are obsessed, and I can see why. Thanks to friends David Achelis and his wife Andrea for the great hang and nightcap at Milano's. Special shout out to Carlos and pal!! Nice to meet you!

Flickr Set!

Be on the lookout for more "Tinta Sangre"nights @ The Rockwood Music Hall. Vero presents a lip smackin, tear jerkin, show stoppin showcase featuring NYC’s best female fa tale fronted bands!!!


Spreading Drink Up Buttercup Around


The first time I saw this amazing band on their first trip to New York, my mission was to spread Drink Up Buttercup around. Mission accomplished!
You'll be able to buy their record debut, Born and Thrown on a Hook, in your local stores and everywhere online come March 23rd. The Video Trailer tells the story from the band's perspective about their recording process.

Drink Up Buttercup // Born and Thrown on a Hook EPK from Drink Up Buttercup on Vimeo.

This is the EPK for Drink Up Buttercup's full-length debut, Born and Thrown on a Hook. The album was recorded in Philadelphia in the summer of 2008 / 2009 and was mixed by Rusty Santos Band: James Harvey, Farzad Houshiarnejad, Ben Money, and Mike Cammarata.

Drink Up Buttercup stopped by Band In Boston Podcast (The Flophouse Sessions) and recorded: Gods and Gentlemen, Lovers Play Dead, Doggy Head, Sosey and Dosey and Young Ladies. Listen or download all here.


Novice Theory; Inspiring Charge @ Rockwood Music Hall

Novice Theory

Novice Theory at the Rockwood Music Hall with a full band of supportive and talented musicians was an inspired way to close out a year and get ready for a new one. Whether solo or with a band, Novice Theory's music performance has electrical conductivity directly aimed to charge an audience. Mission accomplished!

Geo Wyeth has the ability to inspire listeners and fellow musicians. This was my first chance to see him with a cast of exceptional musicians. What was so obvious was their genuine love for Geo and how much they enjoyed bringing his music vision to fruition.

The fuller-bodied sound of Jazz offshoots added to Geo's expanded lyrical palette beyond the autobiographical to include a tapestry of uniquely urban wit and insight. Last night they played work from the recently released EP Ordinary Death along with one freshly presented newer song. I like chances like that!
The sandwiched crowd at the small venue begged for an encore, and we were treated to an older song played solo on the accordion that was performed back in 08 on the Jools Holland Show in the UK.
It is wonderful to post this and include The Music Slut's take

Novice Theory
Timothy Johnson - flute; Keith Parker - percussion; Daniel Arnow - bass; Brian Newman - trumpet; Tina Richerson - baritone sax; Geo Wyeth - vocals, guitar, piano, squeezebox;


Music Year End Thoughts

What an awesome journey it has been doing on this site. Although I wish this could be my full-time gig with all my heart. I am still excited about the small part I am playing in moving the music culture forward, one reader at a time. Sometimes it is the smaller blogs that can bring exposure to unknown music. Many people I've written about on these pages have moved beyond novelty and gained more exposure. That makes me happy. Obsession Collection Music welcomes another year doing this blog.
What am I looking forward to this year!

Langhorne Slim becoming a household name!

Drink Up Buttercup
Drink Up Buttercup Countdown, the upcoming full-length LP Born And Thrown On A Hook, is to be released on Yep Rock Records!!

Peasant @ 3rd Ward

Peasant's full-length LP Shady Retreat is to be released on Paper Garden Records

Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned
Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned going back to SXSW!!

Hop Along @ Silent Barn 09

Hop Along going to SXSW

Viking Moses
Looking forward to the release of the Documentary of Viking MosesWerewolves Across America by DARYL Pulse Films

o'death last song chant
Wishing o'death the best for the new year!

H. HONNE WELLS teams up again with musician/artist Juan Comas @ The Stone

On the lookout for Honne Wells, Performance artist extraordinaire!

Novice Theory Joe's Pub Dec. 08
Can't get enough of Novice Theory!

Continue to obsess over Max Vernon, The Master Of Design.