I Found Art In Chelsea

Whenever I go to galleries in Chelsea to look at art, I am usually disappointed. Art, I mean good art, is hard to find. So on Sunday, May 5th, I surprisingly found art in Chelsea at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery.

The new work of South African artist Robin Rhode is in all three of the gallery's spaces. The works of video, photographic work, a 16-millimeter film, performance art, and sculptures using everyday materials are visually provocative and cerebrally stimulating.

While the work represents the artist's personal and autobiographical references, it effectively creates a dialogue about the broader culture of ideas.

He expands two-dimensional space by drawing elements into a background with which he or others interact. He then documents those interactions in photographs and film. By doing so, he creates a fourth dimension in the mind. It is a clever illusion further developed by the work's title.

I highly recommend seeing this show.
New York Times Article
Art Cal
May 5th to June 23rd

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James Barnes said...

Very interesting.

"...effectively creates a dialogue about the broader culture of ideas."