Blogging For Exposure

estimonial Obsession Collection is celebrating! One Year up a running! Thank you.
This has been a year long endeavor that has been thrilling, gratifying and at times frustrating. All the many musicians and bands that I have seen, heard and written about have been a source of joy. The primary reason I write about them is to give them more exposure so that they can continue their pursuit of recording and performing. Some of this is selfish motivation. I am hoping that the music I get obsessed over won't just go away.

This is a vast world of music and sometimes great music can be overlooked and not nurtured or supported. I will continue to write thoughtful and well written reviews that are descriptive and informative, with the main focus always being the music. I hope that this Blog Site will gain more readership, and I am working hard at achieving that goal. Thank you to all the wonderful musicians I have met, their friends associates and fans and all the virtual friends that have taken the time to communicate and share.
Love Artifact

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