Lower East Side Art; Cake Shop Not Just Music

Cake Shop is now displaying monthly art exhibits on the upper floor curated by Ben Furgal. The show in January featured the work of artist Evie Falci. A closing reception will be tonight.

Evie Falci's medium of choice is playful childhood craft items like googly eyes, pom poms, studs, rhinestones, and glitter. These materials are meticulously assembled to form repetitive surface transformations on various shaped mounts.

The formal compositions create a visual dialogue between perception and reference. Masterfully assembling visual juxtapositions. The googly eyes form an industrial metal-like surface, while the soft, colorful pom poms yield the desire to touch. Simplicity meets complexity, creating a minimal stoic effect.

Dina Kelberman of Important Comics and Wham City notoriety will present new works from February 1st to March 1st. Opening reception on the 1st with The Creepers, Mason Ross, and Santa Dads.

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