Drink Up Buttercup; Piano's Residency

Drink Up Buttercup’s spirited residency at Piano’s began last night. I had to be there. I love this band. What struck me is the gloriously jam-packed uproar they create. Extraordinary harmonies, lyrics, and instrumentation are audible simultaneously. Nothing is sacrificed. Edgy disorder gone right!

I am not the only New Yorker taken with Drink Up. One fan came alone for the sole purpose of embracing the music. She danced, smiled, clapped, and when the band asked if anyone wanted to join in for the song “Gods and Gentleman,” she willingly volunteered. With a trashcan in one hand and a shaker in the other, she banged with complete abandon. I love her!

Others took notice! Go to earfarm for review, pictures, and two uploaded videos and dates.

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Unknown said...

Obsession Collection, thank you for posting such a great blog about the Buttercup show...I am the fan in the picture you posted. I had such a great time rockin' and shakin' along! How could one do anything but shake there hips to this music? I am excited to see them again this Tuesday!


ARTIFACT said...

Thanks Danielle, I won't be there Tuesday but I will be represented. Your awesome!!!