McCain, the Internet & confessions of a Music Blogger

I am an anomaly. I am a 56-year-old music Blogger. I will admit that before starting this site, I was computer illiterate. Yes, I could surf the web, answer emails and send attachments. I understood the powerful ramifications of the online community but lacked the knowledge to implement my enlightened visions. I can now explain how it works without sounding ridiculous, but my implementation skills, while getting better, are still limited. I can envision trends and movements on the Web and see the power of new possibilities. As large corporations and media empires have access and visibility, so do others willing to take the time. The egalitarian nature of communication from many platforms is possible. My focus and contribution have been to the music community. I watched CSPAN and was drawn into a panel discussion by the Personal Democracy Forum in New York about how the Internet has been utilized in past and current presidential campaigns. The panel's mission was to be informative and nonpartisan. My eyebrows were raised when Tracy Russo (John Edwards campaign blogger) challenged Mark Soohoo, (the McCain McCain e-campaign director) about his candidate’s lack of computer literacy. While she made legitimate points, she was apologetic about swaying from the panel's intent. I share her concerns and think there should be no apologies when raising such a vital issue. Lacking a basic understanding of how the Web functions is a hindrance. To fully grasp the possibilities of this vastly growing entity, I think a president should have a grip on the potential future of this information evolution. He should envision where it is going. The global connectivity it provides has a broad scope of possibilities. It can be the catalyst for solving our world’s most difficult problems. Just imagine, the future of the global web community within fields of science, music, art, media, and politics to name a few. Just think YouTube was launched in 2005, and in just three years, a massive global community is developing with far-reaching significance. I might be old, but I welcome the renaissance of possibilities that is the Web.
Fascinating video: Information R /evolution


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