Drink Up Buttercup; Talent Abounds

Drink Up Buttercup @ Cake Shop

No secret, I fucking love this group. My first impression back in May of 07 has not wavered. They are young, fresh, talented, and eager to venture into all creative realms. I like that they are true to themselves with a creative vision for their future. The unbridled energy they bring to the stage extends to other projects. They are in charge! Below is a music video for their UK single “Mr. Pie Eyes,” directed by Virgil F. Cardamone, which is a crazy comic book kidnapping heist and slapstick Russian roulette splashed with graphic zing.

"Mr. Pie Eyes"

I’ve been following two of their member’s videos and side projects. I’m hooked on Farzad’s (Captain Dum Dum) campy pop video called “Fever." Mike Cammarata, Drinkup’s youngest member is quite the thespian. His side project Yemen is a team effort partnered with Yoski Arocki is crazy as it gets. "Broccoli" Video.

Go to Drink Up Buttercup's MySpace site to hear the brand new “Young Ladies” track off LP recorded at American Diamond Recording.

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