o'death MHOW CD Realease Show

Nothing can compare to the exhilaration and exhaustion during an o’death show. Seriously, I had blisters on my feet from jumping up and down and at one point was thankful that the guard was trained in CPR. The sound was loud and eruptive. o'death played most of their new release Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, along with some old favorites like “Only Daughter” From Head Home. The familiar drew an insane bump in the pleasure factor, but the new material weighed in heavily, less rhythmic but more muscular. o’death’s original mix of roots / punk / metal transmits energy with a velocity that can rival any strong-armed metal band, but they do it acoustically. Fans of o’death are there for the music exclusively. They are listening and responding with kinetic movements to every bold crash of a cymbal or electric slashing of the fiddle.
Nothing drew more interestingly erratic movement than the polka-like eccentric time changes in the song “Mountain Shifts.” “Vacant Moon” drove the crowd to new heights with an uncontainable burst of acceleration, the slow moments lending to a needed recovery. There were tender and solemn moments when they sang the beautiful but beefy “Grey Sun” and the lovely harmonic “Angeline.” By the night close, the crowd broke out in a wave of frenzy. Each person claimed a wider and more open space, not holding back another minute, while others less risky had to accommodate. I’m always up front next to the stage. So it was fun sharing that time with o’death’s slew of friends. Meagan of the “Yeah Bob” contingent was on my right, and the affable Jessica was on my left. GPphoto passed me his card as I willingly gave up my spot for art. He got a great shot. 

Openers Hoots and Hellmouth did a short set. I enjoyed their set more at the Mercury Lounge, where the sound system showed off their acoustic instrumentation and soulful gospelesque vocals coordinated with a foot-stomp wooden platform. I was told that they really let go on their home turf in Philly by one of their most beautiful and adoring fans Kim.

Below is a video by Krolick Production of the following night at Johnny Brenda’s with o’death.

PitchFork TV, "Low Tide"

Flickr Set o'death Flickr Set Hoots and Hellmouth

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kimberly ann josephine said...

hi! lovely to meet you at this show! i did wind up buying their cd, as you said i would want to after watching them -- holy crap they're awesome! it was too crowded for me to join you up front, but i inched up close as i could -- the closest point i got to, some creepy dude hit on me, so i escaped into the lobby for their last two songs and their encore before a rather overpriced cab ride back to bedstuy. maybe i'll run into you again sometime at another show. take care =) (and yay obama...)