Peasant Daytrotter Sessions

Peasant (Damien Derose) has done the Daytrotter sessions. The recordings are pure and unadorned, like seeing him live alone with his guitar. Sean Moeller Daytrotter’s founder so adeptly described, “What becomes so beautifully clear in listening to Derose sing – in that clear mountain stream, weepy-voiced way of his – is that none of his characters and none of us are ever rid of any of the people that we’ve shared the dark or a kiss with.” Peasant's album On The Ground will have an official re-launch in late January to be distributed for exposure with the help of Team Love. This makes me happy for Peasant and those who long to hear the simplicity and beauty of songwriting with vocals that embrace the listener.

His music and voice have gotten under my skin since 2006, and I’ve written a lot about him. When I love something, I stick with it. I never waver. I never get bored. Damien’s voice is just one of those things. The effect was similar to how I felt when I first heard Conor Oberst eight years ago. While searching for Peasant, it is often difficult to find without typing his name Damien Derose. Hopefully, soon that will change.

Download Daytrotter Session

Go to peasant's myspace page for tour dates and be on the lookout for the upcoming WOXY session.

Record label Paper Garden Records

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