Welcome Mr. President

Official Inaugural Poster by Shepard Fairy
Welcome, Mr. President I take pride in America. Yes, with all its faults, it is still an exciting and vital experiment. The inauguration of Barack Obama, our first black president is proof. At last, African Americans can see a reflection of themselves in our president and his family. For others, it represents the welcome evolution of our experiment. I am a white female who lived through the sixties and still harbors that enduring spirit of change. Idealism and hope were the longings of my youth. They were shattered with the realization that the powerful prevail and corruption is embedded within the system. Cynicism took hold, and frustration ensued. Slowly I saw change move forward only to be set back. Our youthful ideals can bring to fruition the changes in our thinking that will affect our society and culture. Collectively each one of us volunteers through our deeds, making a conscious decision to get involved in some way. With the unison of spirit, we, the people, can take on the challenges that await us. This inauguration is about the spirit of hope and change. It is a spirit that can capture the imagination of the possible. Together we can activate the tides of hope and change with a common purpose and vision for our country and the world.

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