Viva The Lisps

Three more dates are left to see Futurity the Musical by the four-piece vaudevillian art/rock folk group The Lisps and the assembled cast. In January, they concluded a two-night stint at the now-defunct Zipper Factory. Futurity has found a new temporary home at Joe's Pub of which there are three dates left. OCM 1/12/ 09 review snippet: César Alvarez’s inventive play spars between the asymmetrical romantic notions of a writer and the symmetrical logistic concepts of a mathematician. Inventively he explores the juxtaposition of the envisioned possibilities of the all-powerful machine with the inevitable tides of war. Their altruistic visions are crushed along with the hopes of a promising future. Alvarez creates a black comedy with much room for contemplation. Full review Lisps defy boundaries. 

Recently they posted an informative blog entry to their fans.

What you may not know about us is that we are not JUST a band that performs live and records albums, although we love doing both those things. We are each other’s family and community, and we consider ourselves life-long artistic collaborators. We are not just musicians, but actors, poets, publishers, composers, writers, painters and inventors, and we are committed to developing and creating projects together that are both band-related and in support of our individual artistic interests.

I think this applies to creative people who don’t consider anything they do as a side project but as a continuum of the whole. Creativity holds no boundaries, and The Lisps exemplify this spirit in their music and the lives they have chosen to live. Viva The Lisps and Futurity!
Saturday May 16 @ 9:30 Friday May 22 @ 8:00 Sunday May 24 @ 7:30

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