Deer Tick Hometown Promotion

"hung with pride" Photo credit Deer Tick Twit Pic by fan/friend.

Providence is proud of Deer Tick and shows some hometown pride and love. I remember going to Deer Tick's Myspace site a couple of years ago, where John McCauley posted something like help Deer Tick sell out. Today similar sentiments are touted "Any consideration for your McDonalds or Chevy commercial will be greatly appreciated," Deer Tick. For many talented bands today without a national following, the commercial route can be one way to make some dough. Deer Tick has gotten a lucky break with Brian Williams's interview, and I'm happy for them. They deserve the attention
and are capitalizing on the ride by utilizing social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I love their updates from the road. Favorite Deer Tick tweet so far: If you'd like to see us play in Reno tonight, please come pick us up in auburn, ca. Radiator exploded. We're the guys on the highway. More hometown love for Deer Tick: Providence rockers are ready for a national breakthrough with Born On Flag Day, as seen here on the cover of Providence Phoenix. Some cool shit from the road. I just love Hank Williams, and so does John McCauley!

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