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The Eskalators

Showpaper remains true to its original inception producing a bi-monthly all-age music listing fold-out featuring a visual artist on every cover issue. When a concept is fluid, its evolution has few boundaries. Showpaper is branching out to include art and music benefits that support its printing, guerrilla-style music happenings, and participation in art fairs. Passion can be infectious, and Showpaper is worth spreading.

PS1 Art Book Fair

At the NY Art Book Fair housed at PS1 in early October, Showpaper displayed an array of colorful issues on a small ledge below Leandro Erlich's Swimming Pool art installation. Part of the Showpaper's charm is the dedicated rotation of volunteers manning the unofficial site. I spoke with a young woman who was doing a double shift and enthusiastically telling anyone interested about the Showpaper mission.

Vendorbar NYC, Showpaper

Recently Showpaper shared a booth with VendorBar, an exhibitor at The 2009 Editions|Artists' Book Fair showing videos by Flipswitch, Cassettes by Party Labs, and Showpaper editions. Greeting the curious was Joe Ahearn, Showpaper's volunteer impresario. He is constantly finding new ways to bring the Showpaper mission to different audiences. VendorBar, organized by Kirby Gookin and Robin Kahn, had awesome conceptual art editions, including Yoko Ono's Add Color: Imagine Peace -Stenciling Action, Sal Randolf Free money in book form, and printed editions and chewed drawing editions by Larry Miller.

Kirby Gookin and Robin Kahn are both working artists, and VendorBar is their latest curatorial endeavor whose mission is to open up direct lines of communication between artists and the public to make ideas and artwork more accessible.. They represent an older generation with an authentic love of art and an enthusiastic vision to inform. This is rare in adult form and even in the art world. Choosing to share a space with Showpaper proves that the spirit of art can cross generations and go beyond just the selling of products.

Michael Petruzzo, whose music taste I trust, gave me a list of must-see music emphasizing The Eskalators. Showpaper arranged the eighteen pieces to play a set to end the Editions Fair three-day run.

The group assembled at the upstairs entrance with a guitar, toy instruments, violin, array of brass, and a mini megaphone. Their spirited music, full of sing-alongs, great lyrics, and rag-tag fun, was in contrast to any art event's traditional and formal aspects, but what a welcome juxtaposition.

Flickr Set VendorBar / The Eskalators


Anonymous said...

Love SHOWPAPER! Thanks for this gorgeous write-up.

Katie from Showpaper said...

HEY!!!! Just looked over this post again and realized that the young woman you spoke with at the Art Book Fair about Showpaper was ME!!!! HI! Thank you for all your amazing support for Showpaper. I love your blog and am glad I finally found it. I'm about to share it with the Showpaper google group, which rounds up all the volunteers plus fans of the paper who are interested in its goings-on.

I welcome you to take a look at and join the group. Sign up on our myspace page:


Be in touch! :)

ARTIFACT said...

Thanks Katie for finding me and all you do!!!