Langhorne Slim Daytrotter encore

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim’s awesome encore session is up on Daytrotter and is a sweet free download. Featured are three from the new self-titled release and two unreleased songs. So enjoy and get a feel of the live sound. Missing are the visuals of Slim's performance style, which is full of charismatic swagger, guitar straddling, and facial mannerisms. His fastidious attention to showmanship is also seen in his dapper attire, but this down-home session between tour stops is described in all its sweaty grimy glory. Read the free-flowing word impressions of the session by Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller entitled: “Sweat That They Have Is Sweat That They Give, All Along The Way” Daytrotter download page

"Colette," "Diamonds and Gold," "Nobody But You," "Rebel Side of Heaven," "We Love The Animal

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