Honne Wells with special guest Gregory Jamie At Tonic

Honne Wells with special guest Gregory Jamie from O’Death at Tonic.

Dolled up in suit and silk bowtie it is hard to look away, when Honne Wells steps on the stage. Then he speaks and takes the audience off guard, as they lean in to hear him speak. With an unusually deep range he intertwines tall tales that lead to song.

Joining Honne Wells on stage was Gregory Jamie lead singer and guitarist of the band O’Death. Honne Wells voice is a deep guttural baritone in contrast Gregory Jamie has a high intense nasal voice. While the disparity is startling and distinctive, their shared sensibilities about music is what makes the pairing so extraordinary.

They both embrace the roots of Americana and use that platform, as a vehicle to transform music. What evolves is inspiration, and collaboration meant to be fostered.

Donning two guitars, a banjo, some slides, tambourine and a metal sheet. The gentleman played, sang and two stepped in succession.” Holler At Da Holy” was very effective, because it capitalized on just the voices and the step. In-between Honne played a nice instrumental “Dram From A Dog”. The last song was a bonus “George P. Lennin Blvd.” about dirty water. Honne’s foot tapping, progressed into leg slammin, and the atmosphere became edgy and immediate as the pace thickened.

Witnessing this pairing was a highlight in my quest to find great music.

Set List

Oh-Literate Man Blues

The Seed That Ne're Got Sewn

Been Licken
Dram From a Dog Holler At Da Holy

George P. Lennin Blvd.

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