Ramona Cordova "The Boy Who Floated Freely" review

Ramóna Córdova
"The Boy Who Floated Freely"

After following Ramón Córdova’s music virtual style for most of this year, I was thrilled to purchase the CD "The Boy Who Floated Freely". I had a few brief conversations via myspace, watched his touring on youtube and enjoyed his escapades with The Big Purple Van Club. Ramón has been playing in Europe for most of the year, had a brief US winter tour and is currently in Asia. He gets around.

This CD took my breath away. I was deeply moved. Each glorious low fi track is rich with sincerity and tenderness. Ramón's soft tenor reaches high androgynous octaves. Playing skillfully a nylon string guitar in most of the recordings, he weaves clapping, walking feet, tambourine, organ, cello, accordion and birds chirping. All of these elements create a charming, quirky and imaginative component.

The CD presents a lyrical narrative that portrays life’s hardships, disappointments and joy. Revealing a philosophical openness to life that welcomes happiness despite recollecting the residual affect of pain.

Every song has a lead-in that invites the listener to linger. The melodious journey unfolds beginning with a chirping bird on the first introductory track. The Song “The Givers Reply” proceeds with an organ and two verses. Suddenly the unexpected sound of an antique twister noisemaker leads the rinky-dink orchestra of pots and pans to create a joyous ruckus. / I will shout out to the sky / and I'll sing along my little songs / to help me move the day along /

“Heavy On My Head” is a confessional song with poignant words / what I couldn’t ask with my mouth / and sadly / I was raised with hands / I pushed through some pad lock doors / the lyrics and delivery are penetrating.

The saddest most revealing song is “Brother” where he forgives his brother who shares the painful memory of their father’s neglect and abandonment. His brother chooses a different path that creates distance between them / you decided to fight like our father/ you decided to leave like our father. But he tells his brother of his regrets that / Underneath the lies I breathe / I know I mean the most lovely thing /.

Ramon expresses the beauty of the sunlight on the trees, a simple walk with a friend, paper airplanes and love. He gently paints a magical picture of a music landscape of unexpected animated sounds that capture the imagination and move the heart.

ECA (US) Clapping Music (FR) Sleeping Star (IT)
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"The Givers Reply" Video premiered on MTV Europe
Spectacular Cover Art: John Heron