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No Junk Food or Muzak At This Site

Dinner With The Band is a site destination that features great music and great food. The formula is simple. Invite a band to a spacious loft for dinner and ask them to help prepare culinary specialties with the guidance of a master chef. Sit down to eat, converse and drink adult beverages. When the band is satiated, they will do what they do best: play music. This is the recipe for an entertaining and musically informative show. The simple formula is full of surprises and made fresh with the arrival of each new band. Although this site is professionally produced it is not watered down for mass appeal. That can ruin anyone’s appetite for either food or music.

Dinner With the Band is created based on the combined passions of two brothers Darin and Greg Bresnitz wDinner With The Band Logoith credentials in both food and music. Sam Mason the shows host is a well-respected pastry chef, owner of Tailor Restaurant in Manhattan, and a music fan. The fun begins in his homey pad, when the band members take on the duties of ad hoc sous-chefs. Mason’s relaxed amiable personality and style fit right into the mix. Seeing his beautiful tattoo sleeves, one might think he is a band member, brushing a snare drum instead of basting soufflés.

The show has a boutique feel and is produced with high quality digital film and sound by the top-notch outfit Super!alright! Media. Karaoke type graphics appear on the screen, to highlight each ingredient of Mason’s creative recipes. The music performances are vividly filmed, giving the viewers a close and detailed look into every aspect of the playing dynamics. More interesting then just straightforward filming, the camera picks up communication between musicians with close up footage and fresh camera angles. No gimmicks necessary, just the music.

Matt and Kim: Newest Episode Entry
The latest episode is with the band Matt and Kim a catchy dance punk duo, featuring Kim playing drums and Matt on keyboards and vocals. They are well known in the DIY circuits and have been gaininMatt and Kimg national attention for their lively energetic heartfelt sets. The striking film segments capture the duo’s obvious deep connection to each other. Their unbridled energy is so forceful and honest, that this intimate private session feels like a performance for a large crowd. Their infectious music and fun-loving spirit thrive on the screen.

Kitchen Conversations:
Matt and Kim help chef Mason prepare black olive cobbler and homemade almond ice cream. The pitting of the olives is comical as they try to negotiate the special tool. We find out little quirky details, like Matt has sensitive teeth, while we watch him try to politely hold back the pain the hot and cold dish has triggered. We learn that Kim started to play drums three years ago and get to witness how far she has progressed, only by touring and relentless practicing. My favorite anecdote is that they toured the country for three years with one self-released EP. That is DIY ethic in all its glory!

Life Affirming Combination
The winning formula of Dinner With The Band would have a different outcome in the hands of mainstream media. Think of the mass marketing of food and the mass marketing of music, you know that both appeal to the lowest common denominator. In contrast, at this site you are treated to a life affirming combination, where great food and great music is sustenance.

It's A Fact - mp3
Matt and Kim ~ It's A Fact
DWTB podcast

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Alex said...

pretty cool matt and kim video, but overall this site doesn't have too much on it. Have you seen la blogotheque's take away shows site (http://www.blogotheque.net/takeawayshows/)? By far my favorite intimate band vidoes on the internet.