Drink Up Buttercup @ The Cake Shop

After seeing Drink Up Buttercup's set at the Cake Shop I am convinced of their broad appeal, talent and ability for getting people to take notice. This band needs no warm up time and being openers, they didn't have any.

Without a moment to
waste they started with the song "Mr. Pie Eyes” that was delivered with gusto, playing garbage cans, big shakers and their vocals in full throttle. Especially enthralling is their ability to slow things down and instantly pick up the velocity. They are FUN to watch.

They combine theatrics. experimental instrumentation and rough percussion with added Beatle like harmonies. Yes, their harmonies and vocals are always on pitch and that good. They sound like Animal Collective goes pop.

It is great to see
a young band with so much promise and enthusiasm, who are eager and ready to make somebody's day. They made mine.
Flicker Set

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