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Jukebox has the have factor. What takes other bands years to develop they already have. The learning curve for this band has been working at mock speed. A full house of enthusiastic fans came out on a Thursday night to see this lively trio work their intuitive magic. The audience clapped, sang, smiled, and moved happily, soaking in the spirited set.

Ben Thornewill on Keys/vocals, Tommy Seigel on guitar/vocals, and Jessie Kristen on drums exude warmth, connectedness, and unpretentious ease of performance. They take their music seriously but don’t burden the audience with insecurity. They can enjoy a good flub of a lyric; laugh, shrug and continue to play.

The incredibly catchy mix of dance/ rock/pop/ compositions is integrated live with smart lyrics to match.
Ben Thornewill’s music conservatory background is apparent. He has serious chops without an attitude, but his facial expression is Oscar-worthy. Like Freddie Mercury of Queen, his vocal range can be smooth like butter or ecstatically charged. While rocking with his guitar, Tommy Seigel gawkily jerked and one-footed the stage with innate charm, devoid of pomposity. His lead vocals added a welcome diversity to the overall gestalt. Jessie Kristin’s drumming was impressive, holding together the changing rhythms that are a complex part of the Jukebox sound.

They went through much of their new recording Let Live and Let Ghosts, including the three-part "Fire in the Sky"/ "Where Are All The Scientists Now" / "A Matter of Time” that feature Siegel’s quirky vocals with Thornewill doing back up. Crowd favorites: "Good Day," "Hold it in," and "Victoria" were also in the mix and wonderful live.

Building on the party atmosphere, Ben introduced a cover song as an Indie guilty pleasure. Pleasure, it was, but I was too enthralled to remember the name.

When the set was over, the audience begged for an encore, some screaming suggestions. They chose the last grouping of songs on The Beatles Abbey Road. Easing into the beautiful "Golden Slumbers," the audience swayed and cooed. “Carry That Weight” was an awesome sing-along. “End” was the closing, and Tommy moved to stage left, leaving Jesse Kristin in full view for a great drum solo moment. This just killed.

Tides in music have a way of changing fast. Jukebox The Ghost’s refreshing personalities, undeniable musicianship, and dynamic pop and roll will sustain them. Making a buzz a breakthrough. They have it!
Jukebox The Ghost

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