Drink Up Buttercup @ Less Artists –More Condos

Enthusiastic Female Fan Joining Drink Up Buttercup on stage

I love alterna
tive venues and the people associated with such endeavors. The line-up Saturday night was coordinated by The Rats of Nimh and presented at Less Artists - More Condos. Booked as an underage show, it has a very grown-up atmosphere. This is a great loft space with comfortable furniture and a nice size area for music. So you can socialize while listening to the music or venture into the closed-off music space and get personal. Perfect!! I specifically wanted my friends to see Drink Up Buttercup. They never disappoint. To me, the highlight was their acoustic set at the end. The audience did a stomp and clap as Drink Up brought forth their marvelous gift of harmony, singing “The Lovers Play Dead.” While they warmly sang, Ben Money made deviant time beating a trash can lid to the floor. My astute and musically credentialed friend described their music with one awesome idiom, “Campfire Metal.” Shit, wish I had come up with that one.
 Acoustic Campfire Circle Video, filmed at The Moose in Doylestown, PA

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