Spreading Music; one reader at a time

Obsession Collection Blog Site is a Labor of Love.
* Created June 06.
* I have a full time job. This is my second and third shift.
* Quality over Quantity.
* I really care about music and the people who make it.

ALMOST ONE THOUSAND HITS A MONTH. Slowly one reader at a time...

I would really appreciate some encouragement. We all need it sometimes. Being an old gal it is difficult to get support from my peers. They are sleeping when I am writing or out seeing music live.

So.....if you can spread the word about Obsession Collection I would appreciate it. I don't have a facebook page because for now I am anonymous. I plan to come out of the closet. I am slowly doing just that. here original song
...It tells the story in song about the origins of this blog. About seven years ago I heard music that changed my life.

So stay here and read you will see the LOVE................


Artifact (in the virtual world)

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Anonymous said...

I understand your love for the music and your need for encourgaement. I run an Indie Folk Radio station, like you, a labour of love and all in my spare time and primarily out of my own pocket. It's hard work and tiring. I really appreciate what you do and frequently visit to read your reviews...keep it up, you're doing a great job!