Touring Musicians Vote Absentee Ballot

I thought this was an applicable post considering bands are on the road and on tour and might not have registered to vote. Many will not be in their home state during the general election. What to do? Every state has a different deadline for voter registration, most in Early October. Time is running out! You must register first before applying to receive an absentee ballot. Every state has an absentee ballot form. There isn’t a general form. WEB Search: Absentee ballot followed by your state example: ABSENTEE BALLOT NY I know that you are all busy but you have very little time to get this together! I will be voting for Barack Obama! I believe he can win only if young voters come out in force. Many are in college or are not living in their home state on Tuesday, November 4th. I am concerned with this election and its outcome. Many feel that their state is already leaning towards one candidate or another and that their individual vote won’t count. Many more are cynical about the process. I don’t blame you.  I urge you to take the time to do this!

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